Manx Walks - by Request  
Explore the Isle of Man with Manx Walks
If you have seen Thursday and Friday Group Walks that you would have liked to have gone on - I can organise a similar walk for a group by request.  I have organised walks for small groups celebrating a birthday, for family reunions, and for entertaining visiting relatives. Walking and talking seem to go together, in addition to being a great way to explore or rediscover the island. Maybe you’re new to the island; here on a short term contract; or want to improve your health and lose some weight; or just want to do something different.
I am offering small group, guided walks by request – a selection of island-wide, relaxed walks that vary from 4 to 7 miles long and should take from between 2 to 3 hrs. Get together a group of at least 6 other people, contact me, and I will plan an outing. Each walk is £10 pp (payable on the day) and can be morning or afternoon, depending on the weather and as mutually agreed upon. 
Enjoy some fresh country air with friendly company and safe in the knowledge that I am an experienced and knowledgeable guide and will support you as you challenge yourself and enjoy the varied landscapes. There are many benefits to group walking; not just physical and social, but learning new routes around the island.
The walking terrain will vary from open moorland, coastal footpaths, country roads, plantations, national glens, greenways, and footpaths. Participants should be confident of their fitness and ability to walk the approximate distances, although the walks will not be too strenuous. The routes will involve a few ups and downs but will include plenty of rest stops with time to chat, snap some photos, and take in the views.    .
If you would like to schedule a group walk, then please email, send Manx Walks a message via Facebook or Instagram, or text Catriona at 303273. Once we've agreed on the walk and the date, I will send you information about where we will meet. I limit the number (usually no more than 8 people) as that seems to work well. 
Manx Walks is fully insured for walking activities but will ask all participants to sign a medical and risk activity disclaimer before commencement of walks and provide information about any relevant medical conditions. You will also be asked to provide a contact telephone number/emergency contact number, and an email address. Should the weather forecast on the day reduce safety or enjoyment of participants, and a decision is made to cancel, you will be contacted by text and/or email at the earliest convenience – either the evening before or morning of the walk. 
I look forward to leading you on a walk soon!
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