Explore the Isle of Man this Spring and Summer with Manx Walks
 Manx Walks on Thursdays - a leisurely ladies' walk with time for lunch at the end - the Intrepid Wanderers!
It's Spring and it's a good time to be out in the beautiful Manx countryside.  If you're visiting the island, a day out on a guided walk is a great way to explore the island. Joining a guided walk with a group that includes Manx residents is a lovely way to find out more about the island. If you are a local, it's a great way to rediscover the island and explore places you haven't been to for years. Maybe you have family over visiting and are looking for activities to enjoy together. If you have recently retired, this is an easy going outdoor activity in friendly company. Walking is inexpensive and fun and it's got loads of health benefits. 
Manx Walks is offering weekly, small group, guided walks – a selection of island-wide, gentle walks that are approximately 4 - 6 miles long and should take approximately 2 - 3 hrs. At the end of the walk, you’ll have the option of joining the group for a light lunch or snacks at a nearby cafe or pub. Sometimes we plan ahead and bring a picnic if the weather looks agreeable.Here is a list of the spring and summer walks I have planned. They are not listed in order of date. I am going to schedule them week by week to make the most of the weather and whatever wildflowers are in bloom. Send a message or email me if you want to know where we are going that week
Bradda Head and Fleshwick - April 7th
Injebreck Reservoir - St Lukes, `Carraghan - April 14th
Maughold Brooghs - April 21st
Cornaa and Ballaglass Glen - May 5th
Eary Cushlin - Lag ny Killey
Eary Cushlin to the Dalby Spook's Doarlish Cashen
Slieau Whallian and Arrasey Plantation
Glen Maye to Peel
Brandywell to Ballaugh
Glen Mooar, Spooyt Vane, the Monks Road and Switchback
Brandywell, Slieau Ruy, Crosby
Ballure, Albert Tower, Elfin Glen
Brandywell to Injebreck
Colby and Scard
Snaefell tram ride and walk back to Laxey
Santon Church, Santon Gorge and Port Grenaugh
Tholt y Will Glen, Keeill and Tholtans
Peel Hill, Knockaloe visitor centre, the Raggatt
Clypse and Conrhenny
South Barrule and Cringle Plantation
Stoney Mountain
Close Sartfield - Orchids and Wallabies
Excursion to the Calf of Man - Saturday May 21st & Sunday July 17th
Group size is limited, so if you would like to join any of the walks, you will need to reserve a place. There are usually no more than eight women on the walk. To do so, please email catriona@manxwalks.im. Once you’re signed up, I will send you information about where we will meet, footwear etc. If I decide that a walk is not suitable because of weather conditions, I may substitute another route and would notify people who have signed up for a walk. 
If there are no spaces left on the Thursday walks, take a look at the Friday walks that Manx Walks and Walking.im put on together. They are larger groups and longer walks (usually about 6 miles), but the pace is still gentle, with plenty of time to stop and take in the views and enjoy the day. 
Each walk is £10 pp (payable on the day).  walks 
start at 10:00am and finish approx. 2 to 3 hours later.
I look forward to meeting you and taking a walk together.


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