Original Start Postponed until the end of lockdown
(hopefully) February 2021
Explore the Isle of Man with Manx Walks
It is a New Year and sadly, here we are again, back in lockdown for the rest
of January. Hopefully, everyone will pull together and we will be back to
“normal” as soon as possible. By February, a lot of us will have missed
being in the company of others and will welcome the chance of joining an
outdoor group activity. It will be a good time to start a new walking habit and
rediscover the island. You might have recently retired; or your children will
have been allowed to go back to school and you’ll be ready to carve out
some “me” time; or you’ll be ready to improve your health and lose some Christmas/lockdown weight.
At the end of lockdown, Manx Walks will again be offering weekly, small group, guided walks – a selection
of island-wide, gentle walks that are approximately 4 miles long and should take about 2hrs. At the end of
the walk, you’ll have the option of joining the group for a light lunch or snacks. Some nearby cafes have
been identified, but this is flexible to allow for people’s preferences.
The walks that had been scheduled for January have been rolled over to March. Of course, if the lockdown
goes on longer than that, they’ll be rolled over yet again! All walks which start at 10:00am and finish approx.
2 hours later are as follows:
Thursday 4 th February Maughold Head and the Raad ny Foillan along Maughold Brooghs
Nearby Cafés: Gopher’s, Conrod’s or the Pool Cafe
Thursday 11 nd February Poyllvaaish and Scarlett Point
Nearby Pubs: The Shore Hotel or Colby Glen Hotel
Thursday 18 th February The Tholtans at Tholt y Will
Nearby Cafés: The Raven Pub or the Dovecote
Thursday 25 th February Peel Hill, Knockaloe and the Raggat
Nearby Cafés: Bowling Green Café or Swimming Pool café
Thursday 04 th March Orrisdale, Glen Trunk and Bishopscourt Glen
Nearby Café: Dovecote
Thursday 11 th March Kallow Point, Fistard, Gansey Point and Chapel Bay
Nearby Café: Pavilion
Thursday 18 st March Ballaglass Glen and Cashtal yn Ard
Nearby Cafés: The Dhoon “shed”, or the Laxey Glen Gardens or Laxey
Thursday 28 th January Langness Peninsula and Fort Island
Nearby Cafés: Golf Links Café at Fort Island
So, looking forward to when we can meet in groups again, plan on coming along to enjoy some fresh winter
air in friendly company. Catriona is an experienced and knowledgeable guide who will support you as you
challenge yourself and enjoy the varied landscapes. There are many benefits to group walking – including
improved physical wellbeing, meeting new people and enjoying the social side of group walking. Taking
part in guided walks is also a great way to learn new routes around the island.
Group size is limited, so if you would like to join any of the walks, you will need to reserve a place. To do
so, please email catriona@manxwalks.im, text Catriona at 303273, or send Manx Walks a Facebook
message. Once you’re signed up, I will send you information about where we will meet, footwear etc.
Each walk is £10 pp (payable on the day).
I look forward to leading you on a walk after it is safe to be out and about together again!

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