Summer 2023 - Explore the Isle of Man with Manx Walks.
Manx Walks on Thursdays - a leisurely ladies’ walk with time for lunch at the end. 
Summer is here and it's a great time to walk in the hills and along the coast. Walking in places that can be muddy and windy in the winter are a completely different experience at this time of year.
If you’re a visitor, a day out on a guided walk is a leisurely way to explore the island. Joining a group that includes Manx residents is a good way to find out more about the island - or the skeet in local parlance. If you are a local, it’s a great way to rediscover the island and explore places you haven’t been to for years. If you have recently retired or gone part-time, this is an easy-going outdoor activity in friendly company. Walking is inexpensive and fun, and it’s got loads of health benefits.
Manx Walks offers weekly, small group, guided walks that are island-wide, gentle, approximately 4-6 miles long and take approximately 3 hours. At the end of the walk, you’ll have the option of joining the group for lunch or snacks at a nearby pub or café.
Here is a list of the  Summer walks I have planned until mid-September. 
22nd June - Bradda Head and Fleshwick
29th June - Brandywell to St Lukes (one way)
6th July - Arrasey to Slieau Whallian
13th July Albert Tower and Elfin Glen
20th July - Glen Helen and the Beary
27th July - Brandywell to Ballacobb (one way)
3rd August - NO WALK
10th August - Cregneash to Spanish Head
17th August - North Barrule or Tholt y Will
24th August - Brandwell to Crosby (one way)
31st August - Port Grenaugh to Derbyhaven
7th September - Kallow Point to the Chasms 
14th September - Point of Ayre
21st September - Port Erin and Mull Hill
Group size is limited, so if you would like to join any of the walks, you will need to reserve a place. To do so, please email Once you’re signed up, I will send you information about where we will meet, footwear etc. The schedule may change, depending on weather conditions, trail closures, or as requested. If I decide that a walk is not suitable because of weather conditions, I may substitute another route and would notify people who have signed up for a walk. The following is a list of walks that I might substitute if the weather doesn’t look good for walking in the hills.
Gob y Deigan and the heritage trail
Glen Maye to Peel
Colby Glen - - Scard Earystane
King Orrey’s Grave and Agneish
Jurby shipwreck
Dhoon Glen
If there are no spaces left on the Thursday walks, take a look at the Friday walks that Manx Walks and put on together. They are larger groups and slightly longer walks (usually about 6 miles), but the pace is still gentle, with plenty of time to stop and take in the views and enjoy the day. 
Each walk is £10 pp (payable on the day).  walks start at 10:00am and finish approx. 2 to 3 hours later.
I look forward to meeting you and taking a walk together.
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